Episode 1 - Introducing the fake geek girls

Welcome to episode 1 of Grap Grrrlz, a queer feminist wrestling podcast which makes no attempt to stay topical, relevant, or knowledgable.

We used to play in a queer feminist Buffy the Vampire Slayer themed punk band (it was as amazing as it sounds), and we watched wrestling in the tour van together until our obsession fully took hold. 

In this first episode of Grap Grrrlz we look at what it’s like to step outside of the queer diy punk bubble and into the world of wrestling. We discuss what to do when wrestling shows feel unwelcoming, how to get into fandom without caring about being seen as a fake geek girl, and the wonder of Total Divas as a 101 guide to women on the wwe main roster. 

Some important disclaimers: 

We skim over the reality of diy punk communities a little bit in this episode. In an effort to highlight how jarring it can feel to go to cis white male dominated wrestling shows for the first time, we don’t fully acknowledge how diy punk communities are also rife with racism, abuse, sexism, with many people feeling marginalised and unsafe in those spaces. Our point still stands that wrestling spaces are worse though. 

Hosted by Holly Casio and Shahnaz Zarif. Music production by George Phillips.

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