Episode 3 - Burning Hearts

The first live wrestling show we ever attended was a Burning Hearts show, so it's fitting that they are our first ever guests on Grap Grrrlz! 

Burning Hearts are an inclusive women's wrestling collective based in London, and Jane, Heather, Kayla, Paloma, and Mischa join us to talk about running things in a diy way. From finding venues, running training sessions, and putting on shows, Burning Heart's diy ethos runs throughout. We chat about the practicalities of creating a safe space for women to train and learn from each other, and how it's really not important to even know who The Undertaker is at your first wrestling session.
There are so many parallels with the world of diy punk and we chat about creating something for your own communities, sharing skills, and the importance of keeping things diy and inclusive.

Fun fact: did you know that resident Grap Grrrl Shahnaz is currently training with Burning Hearts? We spend a good 15 minutes of this episode describing in heartfelt detail the day that Shahnaz made her debut in the ring.

Hosted by Holly Casio and Shahnaz Zarif. Music production by George Phillips
Guests: Jane, Heather, Kayla, Paloma, Mischa

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