Episode 5 - Friends Forever

This is a real emotional episode as we pay tribute to one of our fave wrestlers and lover of butts and meat, Kris Wolf.

We talk through the emotional rollercoaster which was her retirement show at Pro-Wrestling Eve and why it was maybe our favourite wrestling show of all time. Seeing her friends say goodbye to her in the ring was a LOT.

Friendships in wrestling is honestly what attracted us to this ridiculous form of entertainment forever. The loyalty, emotional bonds, jealousy, and inevitable betrayal ending in nothing but deep-seated respect is a thing of beauty and keeps us coming back for more.

We go through a lot in this episode. From our love of Kris Wolf to saying goodbye to Dean Ambrose and The Shield, to why fans disrespect for Sasha Banks is based on nothing but racism and sexism, to why all wrestlers should unionise. It's a real humdinger

Hosted by Holly Casio and Shahnaz Zarif. Music production by George Phillips

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Watch Kris Wolf's retirement show at Pro-Wrestling Eve