Episode 6 - Too depressed for wrestling

This episode has it all: poor mental health, burnout, and rants with a can-do attitue.

We also talk a little bit about wrestling too, specifically our trip to see Eve's Wrestlequeendom 2, and our thoughts on Session Goth Martina, Charlie Morgan's farewell, and our much need introduction to Stardom. But we mostly talk about a very relatable subject: what happens when you are just too depressed to watch wrestling? With some additional rants about capitalism chats about internalised misogyny, and everyone's favourite Sunday night gender non-conforming landlord Gentleman Jack

Content warnings for talk about the diet industry and fatphobia as we absolutely tear down the abhorrent Cancer Research fat-shaming ads. We get real emotional this episode which means that we are maybe a bit inarticulare about such a huge subject and so we miss some important points and make some mistakes. For example we name Weight Watchers when it's actually Slimming World which has the very dubious and dangerous relationship with Cancer Research but do you know what, fuck Weight Watchers too. And to keep things on topic, fuck any wrestlers who use their bodies and their platform to promote laxatives and other diet stuff to young followers in the name of 'health'.

Please read this extremely well researched and articulate open letter to Cancer Research which talks about this subject in more in-depth ways than we ever could on a wrestling podcast.

Hosted by Holly Casio and Shahnaz Zarif. Music production by George Phillips

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