About us

Grap Grrrlz is a queer feminist wrestling podcast presented by Shahnaz Zarif and Holly Casio.
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God knows the world doesn't need another wrestling podcast, but here we are anyway. 

Grap Grrrlz is a place for us to chat about all the important bits of wrestling we love - the gear, the hair, the drama, and the fight to unionise the workforce and overthrow capitalism obvs. 

We've played in bands together in feminist diy music scenes, and venturing out of those queer diy punk communities as new wrestling fans is massively daunting. But Grap Grrrlz is a place for us to get excited, and project our fantasies, and learn so much more about wrestling.

Every month we'll be chatting about the wrestlers we love, the new promotions we get introduced to, and our experiences at wrestling shows. We'll also be chatting with other diy punks to find out about their favourite wrestlers and experiences, inviting more voices from women, lgbtqia, poc wrestling fans.